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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Sullivan Tillis Cramer on Military Appreciation Month  CSPAN  May 16, 2019 1:42am-2:01am EDT

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than signing or buying and as a free people washington has ignored the need with those ipriorities of the earlier age and now asking new questions forcing debates forcing new priorities in solutions to make the great american middle again. this is not the work of the day or the season the work of a generation so i note the absence of a quorum spirit to
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be on the floor with my colleagues over the next hour thank you to my senator from iowa for organizing a series of discussions we will have over the next couple minutes on the senate floor to focus on military appreciation month. talking about how wonderful the military is so much that to talk in superlatives about my great state of alaska. most senators love to talk about their state and that's good we are proud state. we think we live in the best state in the country.
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so we all believe that and i happen to think the country now in alaska with the military and with five major installations it is in the military or family members of those in the military alaska constitutes three pillars of our nation's military might. the cornerstone with the missiles and radar that protect the entire country from attack whether kim jung-un or iranian we are the hub air combat power for the arctic and asia-pacific and will have over 106 generation fighters by the end of next
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year because of the best trained troops to deploy anywhere around the world because of a strategicmr location and then let's talk about what is unique about alaska but how proud we are of theun military that communities support the men and women in the. military but i was with some community leaders with those missile-defense fields on the outskirts in the entire
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united states gray training with red flag exercises. and so the air force pilot broke the sound barrier because there was a giant sonic boom shaking the whole buildingng the whole meeting room. so thate would result in people complaining to be mad about the military and the mayor just look to me to say and to
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support so let me give you another example so many native communities you see special patriotism the alaska natives to serve at higher rates than any other ethnic group in the country because let's face it the great american patriots of not always been supported by the government but as a matter of fact one that was produced about a community in alaska southeast alaska it was called hunting and wartime about every single male high school
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senior in the late sixties in these small communities. every one of them. that is special patriotism. this isn't a recent phenomenon but in 1942 alaska oversubscribed their quota by 3 percent surpassing every state in the union. mister president i just want tors mention that so many senators, democrats and republicans come down to the floor to talk about military appreciation as we should talking about the 1 percent or the less than 1 percent that we really care about by those who still today to defend the
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constitution and our liberty knowing it could cost their life by joining the us military. beautiful men and women in the military and i will tell my constituents one thing we are focused on doing is to makeau sure when you send your son or daughter to join the military it is the top military in the world the most ready military, the most capable militaryre's we have a dangerous trend from 2015 and during the obama administration. 25 percent.
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because no man or woman joins the military should be joining that is not at the highest levels of readiness. so i'llhe pass this on to my colleagues so to support the military and with that great work that you do with u.s. senate to supporthe you with all heart and soul. . >> while the senator from alaska is still on the floor but with the military appreciation month of those
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members of the military and their families in north carolina to have 1 million veterans like hundreds of thousands of people and then look at fort bragg if that is a military conflict it is the 8d airborne down from four to carolina sometimes within 48 hours notice. after camp lejeune and then to constitute 45 percent of all marine served in the marineps corps. in theay home to the next generation tanker.
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and with that families and to have an opportunity with that appreciation this is a tough job so to think about military appreciation let's make sure not only first and foremost, to swear and defend to protect the nation but also and then to have that veterans population is also if you take a look of those of the national guard to go through
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iraq and afghanistan to deal with courage and honor. through military appreciation month with a special group of people every day of the year with that appreciation that is deserved. thank you mister president i yield the floor. >> the senator from south dakot dakota. >> north dakota. >> i apologize. north l dakota. >> and in fact, north dakota and sign up at a rate of four times the national average.
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and then serving the family members but then to go about their business unaware of the dangers around the world and with the two airbases and then with that air base wing with the 319th reconnaissance was only one in three of its kind.
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and that is a base when my not north dakota and this is interesting because with the ballistic missiles because two of the three to find a stronger proponent because it's the only wind of its kind. and our great defense circular contest certainly with the nuclear triad. so with the weight of the
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world is on their shoulders but to now i will also mention and the air force is the smallestll base but as we debate with that space force of a modern capable military unit to defend the domain this phase has become and a special thank you to those airmen who do an incredible job far from other people at a more personal note thank you to the military families in north
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dakota and in the family everybody serves. and they come from all over the country and then to deserve a very special thanks. but also by the national guardsig and with that air national guard and then that 20h outstanding award. and with that outstanding that isent
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congratulations and while we're talking there's a lot of people that serve including employers and those to accommodate that facility or encouragebl those incredible military personnel as well as being called into action beyond the borders. with individuals to support those communities and states and nations. just a few short years ago calling on the national guard to meet thater mission the north dakota national guard to help be appropriate to recognize
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this relationship they are thout-of-state actors with no interest of north dakota to protest the dakota access pipeline. absent federal health the governor called on the national guard as a last resort and you would think that would have serious ramifications with the quality of the guardsmen and they did with the previous administration would not to stand up for the rule of law ands, radical protesters even as families were targets from everywhere other than north dakota and did that without provocation or escalation they did not run they answer the
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callro to defend the state from the chaos thank you is an adequate and i would just compel people to say thank you more often as you see that person make it a point to say thank you. out loud. i yield back honor the men and women who wear our nation's uniform, those who have worn it in the past and those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. as a senator and a combat veteran with over 23 years of service between the army reserves and the iowa army national guard, i am grateful to have the opportunity to get to know so many patriotic and selfless americans. and iowans are

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